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Success defeated Siena, Juventus are top of Serie A

Senin, 19 September 2011

Todaysworldnews.COM, Siena - Siena arrested Success with the score 1-0 in the match continued the Italian Serie A, Juventus for a while sitting atop the standings.

Juve travel to the Stadio Artemio Franchi Siena headquarters in the match continued the Italian Serie A on Sunday (09/18/2011) night.

In this petandingan, Juve coach Antonio Conte down 4-4-2 scheme. However, this time the duo Mirko Vucinic and Alessandro Matri become a mainstay on the front lines Juve.

While in the midfield, Adrea Pirlo and Claudio Marchisio together to regulate the rhythm of the game and feed flow measured from the second line, assisted by a prickling sensation of the wings through the duo Emanuele Giaccherini and Simone Pepe.

Meanwhile, the home team also uses the same pattern, namely 4-4-2. Pablo Andres Gonzalez duo and Emanuele Calaio become a mainstay for the Old Lady break down defenses.

Overall, Juve appear dominant control of the match in the first round. Pepe puncture of the right wing and often troublesome Matri speed Siena defensive and guarded by Claudio Terzi Luca Rossettini.

The first chance in this match was created stronghold Old Lady in the 15th minute. hard kick distance Giaccherini still able to be driven Siena goalkeeper Zeljko Brkic.

Andrea Pirlo almost brought Juve the lead in the 20th minute. Italian bloody hard kick players from outside the penalty box again able to be driven to perfection by Brkic.

Siena bukannnya without a chance, several times a counterattack scheme that they do bear a dangerous chance in the Juve defense. Siena Mannini almost broke the deadlock in the 24th minute. able to kick hard pushed well by Gianluigi Buffon.

Until the first half ended, goalless score remained unchanged.

Juve tried to appear more active again in the second round. The pattern of the game quickly by relying on my prick from a mainstay of troops made by Conte to penetrate the tight line of home defense.

The pattern of these games directly to fruition during the second half has been running for nine minutes through goals scored by Alessandro Matri.

Mirko Vucinic to penetrate the slick from the left side of defense Siena. Later, he removed a cross from the right was met with a hard kick right foot by Matri. The ball lodged in the right corner of goalkeeper Siena. Meanwhile, Juve are one goal ahead of Siena.

Juve almost doubled his lead in the 63rd minute. Arturo Vidal hard kick from distance was still able to be driven Siena goalkeeper,.

Three minutes later turn Pirlo almost Siena goalkeeper. Kick into the left corner of goal driven swiftly Siena Siena goalkeeper.

Until the game ends, Juventus excellence remains unchanged. With this result, Juventus for a while entrenched in the top of Serie A with six points bagging.

How to Eliminate acne scars naturally

How to Eliminate Used in Natural Acne - Acne is a skin disease which, although not dangerous, but not in the desired appearance especially for women because it can reduce the beauty. Moreover, if the polynomial. After the acne is gone, still there was no effect on the desire that leave scars, pockmarks or holes such as acne scars, the effects seem less face becomes beautiful. Blemishes acne scars are generally red or brown, and will fade or disappear by itself. Please know, if you do not scratch or squeeze the pimples, acne will not leave scars in the form of deep holes or pockmarks.
Here are various ways of removing acne scars and tips - tips about acne problem which I got from various sources.
- Wake wash face with warm water.
- Avoid eating foods such as eggs, indomie, beans, and chili Ayame.
- Clean the face. Wash with an old coconut water. After drying himself, rinse with clean water.
- Rinse face with water basuhan rice. Once dry, wash with clean water.
- Dissolve the cornflour with the water. Spread around the place with acne.
- Take a piece of cassava. Peel the skin. Discard skin. Clean. Parutkan. Dairy to get water. Brush water on your face milking existing acne scars. Do it every day for a week.
- Egg white corn flour + 1 + sedok olive oil. All three, stir evenly. Use it as a mask.
- Mash a few sticks of cinnamon bark and make powder. Mix with a little water. Brush on acne scars. Glory for a week.
- Dissolve the cornflour with the water. Spread around the place with acne.
- Ranging cucumber and cucumber hampas airnya.Tampalkan filter on a scarred face. Allow half an hour. Then wash with lukewarm water.

The dangers of diabetes to metabolic

Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Sick sugar or better known as Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that occurs due to failure of the process of converting glucose into glycogen in the body. Glucose is the smallest unit of carbohydrate and energy required to form. If the excess then the task of insulin, an enzyme in the human body, to store excess sugar in the blood to form reserves in the liver, muscles and other organs.

If the above process takes place is balanced, then the excess glucose in the human body will not cause disease. But if low levels of insulin, or insulin is not produced then this can lead to accumulate in the blood glucose levels or diabetes.

According to Kang Jana, the coach / therapist Rastura Diabetes Clinic, diabetes means will experience stomach problems, especially metabolic disorders, disorders of excessive urination, and defecation. If someone with diabetes would be less then feces turn into liquid.

The amount of fluid released by the body that goes just a little while is what makes people with diabetes are very rapid loss of body weight. The result can lead to kidney failure that requires the person with the blood washed regularly. Obviously this process is not reassure.

No drugs that could treat diabetes. Drugs that have been circulating on the market only drugs to lower blood sugar levels rather than cure. Added Jana, if you want healing to be done is to exercise regularly and fix the intake of food (tubers and fruits). In this way the body can return to normal metabolism and diabetes can be kept out.

Tips and Former Acne Eliminate Acne Naturally

Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Acne is one of the most hated, especially by adolescents. In times of puberty is acne will usually arise, whether it's on the cheeks, forehead, nose, or even spread to the entire face or chest and back hehe ... Bete, upset, insecure (less confident), and others react to us feel. What is clear is not nice really, if there are pimples khan who inhabit our face, which is one valuable asset: o .. That's why, I wrote an article titled how to remove acne, may be a useful reference.

To get rid of acne There are many ways we can do, want to use the natural ways or use drugs? If I myself still prefer the natural. In addition to cheaper, safer with no side effects, and many other reasons. Here I will share some natural ways to remove acne.
Tips on how to eliminate acne and how to remove acne scars naturally

1. The most important and we must do to be free of acne whose name is always diligent in cleaning the face, especially for oily skin, especially after doing outdoor activities. Usually dust containing impurities will descend to the face. Clean with a cloth or a clean towel after washing your face, because the bacteria like a moist and warm. Do not use bare hands, because the same is a lie if you use your hands: D.

2. Avoid / minimize consumption of foods containing sugar (sugar), brown (chocolate), and nuts and spicy foods, oily and fatty foods. Such foods will interfere with circulation in the body, so the process detoxitasi can not run smoothly. Usakan diligently consume vegetables and fruit. Basil and parsley (parsley) can also be trusted to treat acne from inside the body. For fruit, apples can be consumed because they contain antioxidants.

3. Diligent exercise. Because the exercise, the body heat will open pores and remove dirt. The explanation is this, when we exercise our blood circulation will be smooth and detoxitasi process will run regularly, so the blood, dirty blood that is in the body can be wasted.

4. Drinking water (mineral water) to taste.
If possible, meet the recommendation of doctors with the consumption of mineral water 8 glasses per day. Because according to a reliable source, with the exercise and drink water regularly make acne appear reluctant. Of course accompanied by point no.1 is maintaining the face and body hygiene. : D

5. Avoid stress.
According to many sources that I read, one of the triggers of acne is due to stress. So if you want to get rid of acne or prevent it from appearing, as much as possible avoid stress. Enjoy aja again, enjoy life!

6. Wearing a mask of papaya
Try to make papaya mask to remove acne naturally. Way, mashed ripe papaya (can add lemon), and use it to maskeran. Allow to dry. Then wash with warm water. Better to be done before bed. Papaya mask, but can eliminate acne naturally, also have properties eliminate blackheads and prevent facial dull. Actually there are many natural mask composition that can be used to eliminate acne. Eg tomato and cucumber face mask, how tomatoes or cucumber, cut into thin, then let stand at sekitar skin 10-15 minutes.

7. Never squeeze pimples
Not even cured, but can actually cause black stains and pockmarks on the face.

8. Diligent defecate at least 1 time a day
Apart from consuming fatty foods, minds, acne is also arising from the disposal of non-current. As we know that the dirt / feces that contain substances that waste must be removed from the body. Well, if not perfect then wasted substances such waste will accumulate in the body and result in providing additional toxins to our bodies. And toxins that accumulate that became one of the triggers of acne. In order to defecate (BAB) smoothly we could eat fibrous foods and fruits like papaya. Believe me, as I can this tip from my elementary school teacher who as a teenager jerawata and have tried many ways of eliminating jerarawat, but after wearing these tips acne can be lost. : D

9. And others, perhaps anyone want to add tips to remove acne naturally here, please leave the tips in the comments field so that others can read. Thank you! : D

Update: Since someone said that his tips complicated and less powerful, then the tips I would add is that use natural herbs / traditional to eliminate acne and acne scars.

Oh, yes just give us know if these tips wrote the above is based on some references on the internet which I have outlined here. So, if someone said that is less potent yes sorry, it depends on the effort we are doing each. Humans can only try, god disposes. :)

Okay, here are tips dah natural herbs / traditional to eliminate acne and acne scars that I mean:

# Eliminate acne with a concoction of coconut water:

Prepare one glass of coconut water mixed with 25 grams of turmeric paste, leave overnight. The next day, add these ingredients into three teaspoons of red sandalwood powder. Stir until evenly distributed. Save for three days. After that, strain the mixture using a gauze. Save the juice in the bottle. Apply the mixture on your face with acne, twice a day until the acne disappears. source:

# Eliminate acne with toothpaste (toothpaste)

Ingredients: toothpaste shaped pasta such as Pepsodent, ciptadent, etc. rather than a gel such as a close-up tables.
How to: Apply toothpaste on the body with acne every night (before sleep) and rinse with clean water in the morning. Believed to contain menthol in toothpaste can accelerate the drying of pimples.
But, do not overuse this way (the toothpaste) because the skin will easily dry out.

Please try the tips and hopefully effective because many say tips to use toothpaste is powerful enough to eliminate acne.

Additionally, special for those who want to use a bit ribet.Ini way to remove red-red acne scars. These tips I get from Consider the following:

how to remove acne

* Morning: wash face with regular soap you used, keep this magic potion pake Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) one tablespoon mixed with enough water, wipe the entire face while massage halus.terus rinse thoroughly. after that take the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) / apple vinegar you can dapetin in supermarkets. mixed with water using a ratio of 1:8, a teaspoon of ACV divampur with 8 teaspoons of water, and apply to the entire face using cotton. wait up to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. kalo pake sunblock go out of the house.

* Evening: wash face as usual, then pake mask: whites + lemon juice (a bit ONLY!) Topical whole face, let sit for 15 minutes, continue to rinse until clean. trus you can ngasi acne medication is right for you (if you have 1 or 2 masi acne)

forget Rossi

Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner will be competing in MotoGP 2011. Then, what about Valentino Rossi?

"Lorenzo's 2010 MotoGP world champion will receive serious opposition from Stoner, who started menggeber Honda next season," said Biaggi. He also agreed with many, the first year of Rossi on the Ducati would not be able to show his best qualities.

"Lorenzo has a great season this year. But for the next year, be careful with Stoner, "Biaggi message in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport Italy. Former major competitor while still fighting Rossi in MotoGP before moving to Superbike revealed to forget Rossi MotoGP 2011.

Early last week, Lorenzo also revealed the toughest opponent in the upcoming race will come from the Honda Stoner

Indonesia is not afraid to Confront Iran

Indonesia national team did not flinch one bit to face one of the giants in Asia namely Iran in the Pre-game 2014 World Cup Asian Zone Group E are scheduled for 2 September next, in Tehran, Iran.

This was revealed by National Team Head Coach Wim Rijsbergen after facing the Palestinian team at the test match at Manahan Stadium, Solo, on Monday.

"I know Iran is a team of experienced and tough, but we will not fear. What we still have enough time to prepare this team to the maximum," said Wim

About the readiness of the players and teamwork, Wim says there is now good progress from Bambang Pamungkas et al. as already found a pattern of play, the rhythm game has been running well and had known each other player characters to one another.

It can be seen in the game against the Palestinians that ends with a 4-1 win for the senior national team.

However, Wim admitted if the back line is still a weak point of this team and still need improvement and coordination among the players to survive.

"The players are also very excited and keep fighting to show his best in the field," explains Wim.

October Konami Release PES 2012

For football lovers who love to play the video game Pro Evolution Soccer there is good news for you, PES 2012 will be released in October.

Konami states that the parties dated October 14, 2011 video game which is also known as Winning Eleven will be released in the U.S. market, while for the global market on September 27, 2011.

Still to be released for multi console, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Konami of Europe representative, Jon Murphy gave high promise for the latest series of this PES.

"It would be very interesting for fans of PES, there will be a big improvement for PES 2012 this football game will be the most ambitious and sophisticated than ever," he said.